COVID-19: A Message to Our Clients and Partners

Jun. 03rd, 2020

At REACH24H, our focus has always been to bring to our clients the most reliable and comprehensive regulatory compliance support, breaching gaps between Asia and the West, and promoting chemical safety management worldwide following a healthy, green, and sustainable development philosophy.

2020 has brought on challenges of its own. As the coronavirus COVID-19 reached the status of a global pandemic, our whole lives and work had to adapt to a changing world. We have witnessed amazing efforts, from governments and industry to NGOs, and from top leaders and frontline workers to hard-working and passionate individuals, to make a positive impact on this new “normal”.

We keep closely monitoring the COVID-19 public health emergency and following recommendations by the World Health Organization (WHO) and national safety guidelines. We understand this is not just another typical year, so we are truly proud of our teams in China, the EU, U.S and across the globe who have helped us adapt our projects and develop new ones, to make sure this 2020 is not just a year of challenges, but one of opportunity, cooperation and growth.


  • We will continue to bring you the most updated regulatory compliance support and COVID-19 content analysis both through ourREACH24H company siteas well as through our expert articles and reports on our news platformChemLinked.
  • Understanding the great need worldwide and extreme difficulty experienced by many governments in securing fast and reliable quality shipments to fight the global pandemic, REACH24H decided to launch a B2B sourcing platform in March to link qualified medical supply manufacturers in China with potential buyers from across the globe. To learn more about our work, please visit
  • We will soon share some very exciting news on this year’s REACH24H Chemical Regulatory Annual Conference (CRAC) which has been held for the past eleven years. We are determined to make 2020 a year of shared knowledge, discussions and expanding networks. Get ready for a Virtual Annual Worldwide Conference! More to come.

As always, as this global situation continues to evolve, we will continue to do our best to support you. It is our outmost privilege to continue being your trusted source for global regulatory compliance knowledge. We are here for any concerns and queries, please contact us

Below are some examples of the latest analysis, webinars, and live sessions on the COVID-19 topic and its effect on chemical safety management, food, cosmetics and agrochemicals: