Long Wait Is Over: 2020 CRAC0-HCF Virtual Forum Officially Launched

Aug. 13th, 2020

So far, this 2020 has been like none before. The COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts have been felt across economies all over the world.

In January 2020,REACH24Hformally partnered up with theHelsinki Chemicals Forum (HCF), a leading conference organizer on the safety management of chemicals in Europe led by Mr.Geert Dancet, former Head of ECHA, as Secretary-General. Both parties then decided the 12th Chemical Regulatory Annual Conference (CRAC) and 2ndHCF Asia Forum should be held as a merged Virtual Forum, the “2020 CRAC-HCF Virtual Forum”, to bring an even more global voice to CRAC’s annual conference in Asia.

Now, as countries adapt their compliance strategies in an unforeseen 2020, the CRAC-HCF Virtual Forum will offer a unique opportunity in 2020 for top government decision-makers, regulatory experts, industry representatives, academic experts and the non-profit sector from East Asia, Europe, U.S. and other regions to join strategic debates and hear the top voices that will shape the way forward for the chemical and related industries.

In order to explore the theme “Towards a More Synergic Future, endorsing cooperation and knowledge exchange as the only way, it was decided the 2020 joint Forum will be heldvirtuallyand be madefree of chargefor all attendees.

The2020 CRAC-HCF Virtual Forumwill feature 4 weeks of exclusive CRAC policy, regulatory and market-oriented sessions and a full HCF week with Keynote Speeches by ECHA, OECD and UNEP, and follow-up discussion panels.

Asian HCF will be the Opening Session of the Forum, from November 16-18, 2020. There will be daily keynote speeches and panels covering individual topics each day sponsored by UNEP, OECD and ECHA respectively.

The next three weeks will feature CRAC Conference Breakout Sessions, with Guest Speakers from P.R.C, broader Asia-Pacific, EU, U.S., South America and others. Most sessions will be organized around three-day programs, with pre-recorded presentations, followed by Q&A Sessions.

Four weeks of Full Regulatory and Policy Discussions with Safety as a Common Thread

The 2020 Forum will focus on the current status and future challenges and possibilities found in chemicals management, environmental safety, pesticides, disinfection products, cosmetics and food contact materials in Asia, EU, U.S and other major trade partners.

Breakout Sessions will include:

  • Asian Helsinki Chemicals Forum (HCF)
  • Chemical Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Management of Global Pesticide Registration
  • Global Disinfection Products Market: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Safety Management of Food Contact Materials
  • China Cosmetic Management: Updates and Trends under CSAR

A New Strategic Cooperation: REACH24H and Helsinki Chemicals Forum Join Forces to Promote Chemical Safety

Early in January 2020, REACH24H and HCF concluded a series of meetings that enabled parties to sign a joint Strategic Cooperation Agreement based on their shared mission of promoting the safe management of chemicals at a global scale. Both parties agreed to jointly hold their annual events, REACH24H this year celebrating its 12thCRAC Conference, and HCF its 2ndAsian Forum.

The Helsinki Chemicals Forum (HCF) is an independent non-profit forum founded by the Finnish Fair Foundation and the City of Helsinki aimed at promoting chemicals safety and chemicals management globally. HCF has held annual high-level conferences in Helsinki every year since 2009, supported by European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), the European Commission (EC) and the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) and a number of Finnish Government ministries.

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