News Alert! REACH24H Korea designated as Official Consulting Service Agency by the Korean government

Mar. 17th, 2021

South Korea’s project forK-REACH consulting service for SMEsis a government-backed project funded by theMinistry of Environment(MoE). The purpose of this group is to help companies complete K-REACH projects in Korea via trusted local professional consulting agencies.

Relying on the extensive experience of REACH24H in K-REACH, EU-REACH, K-BPR registration, among other related fields, the South Korean subsidiary received the green stamp by MoE and has officially been included in the list of government-designated consulting agencies.


The South Korean subsidiary of REACH24H was established in Seoul, South Korea in April 2019. Quickly growing from a small team to a full-operating office in the heart of South Korea’s capital, the team led by Seongmin(Mike) Sohn(손성민), now General Manager of Korea office, took firm steps to have its professional mark known in the East Asian country, developing a strong brand recognition across the industry.

As only representative, the Korea Office has helped more than a thousand companies around the world complete their pre-registration, registration and exemptions for hundreds of substances. This support has enabled companies to successfully overcome trade barriers, gaining industry trust thanks to its professionally delivered service capabilities, and ensuring smooth product compliance support to enter the Korean market.

Now the South Korea subsidiary of REACH24H is on the list of officially designated consulting agencies. This official recognition means businesses operating in or with South Korea will be able to find a direct link to REACH24H and trust their projects to our experienced team, with the full support of MoE and its fundings.

Seongmin(Mike) Sohn and his team, including Yeji Hong, Rae-eun(Bella) Kim, Byungseob(Daniel) Kim, Chanmi Joo and other technical assistants will celebrate with the rest of the local team and international colleagues this great step forward for the company as it further reinforces its position as a first-level chemical compliance and professional technical support service provider.